Tweeny Twenty Makeup Tricks!!

Hi beauties!

So today’s post will be a a lazy one…I’ve been having a bit of a content block lately and just been thinking a lot generally…At the same time,  I really wanted to post something because I have not been so consistent this month..and felt dropping a post here would greatly improve my mood. (I hope it works).

In this post,  I’ll be listing 20 tips that can totally transform your makeup from like a 60 to a straight 100. It is a compilation of the #DailyMakeupTips I was sharing on Twitter a while ago and some more…

Let’s start!

Pic: openclipart

1. Never use your beauty blender dry. It gives a blotchy and uneven finish when compared to using it wet. Wet your beauty blender and squeeze out excess water before using it to apply your makeup.

2. Do not overpluck your eyebrows. The thicker your eyebrows the younger you look.

3. Use a primer. It makes your face smoother for applying foundation and makes your makeup last longer.

4. For more natural looking brows(and to avoid the halo effect), use your lightweight foundation instead of concealer to clean up your brows.

5. For small eyes, create thin lines when lining your eyes with eyeliner to open up your eyes.

6. Line your lips before applying lipstick. It helps your lips look prettier and also helps it stay longer.

7. Set your makeup with a setting spray. It instantly infuses life into your makeup.

8. Use a spoolie to comb brow hairs after filling your brows to create more natural looking brows.

9. Blend your foundation into your hairline and neck to avoid a mask-like look.

10. For oily skin types, stick to more mattifying foundations.

11. Blend. Blend. Blend. You can never blend too much.

12. Use an orange concealer to hide darker patches before applying foundation.

13. Your brow pencil should be as close to hair colour as possible.

14. Apply foundation to the center of your face and blend outwards to create a natural looking finish.

15. For the guide to a perfect winged liner, hold paper tape at the outer end of the eyes lined to your brows.

16. For a more luminous skin finish, add 1 part illuminator to 3 parts foundation.

17. Use your blush as a transition colour for your eyeshadow.

18. Contour with liquid foundation instead of powders for a more blended contour.

19. Apply a lighter colour in the middle of a darker shade to achieve pouty lips.

20. Spray your eyeshadow brush with setting spray to get a more intense pigmentation from your eyeshadow.

I hope these tips help! What tips/tricks do you use to achieve a flawless look??

“I am a phenomenal woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me” – Maya Angelou

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Stay beautiful and thanks for reading!


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