Hi beauties!
Before we dig in, I’ll give you the gist behind this pictorial. I was with my best friend, Bukky some weeks back and we were discussing what hairstyles to make next since the economy is tight and “girls gats slay nonetheless”. She described this ponytail style she had watched on YouTube to me. 

The tutorial was done by Beauty by Shabree and the direct link to the video is here (if you want to watch it.)

I thought it would be a nice pictorial to share with you and I hope you like it!

(Thanks to Bukky got this amazing idea and Kehinde, stylist and you both😘)
NOTE: You will need someone to make this ponytail for you or help you out, if you do the initial stages yourself. 

Materials needed:

• A brush

• Hair bonding glue(I used the Lanell anti-fungus hair bonding glue)

• 8″ weave/extension, preferably the colour of your hair; about 2 bundles (I used some old human hair I had at home)

• Braiding hair/attachment (I used one-sixth of Expression braiding hair)

• Scissors

• Styling gel(I used the Ecostyler Professional styling gel max hold)


1. Style your hair into whatever style you want your ponytail in (center part, side part, ponytail) and pack it as high/low as you want it. (Don’t forget to slay those edges)

NOTE: I found it was nicer when I straightened my hair first(try to use a heat protectant for this).

2. Braid your ponytail with the braiding hair to the length you want.

NOTE: The length of the braided ponytail should be 8 inches shorter than the actual ponytail length you want in the end.

3. Tie/knot the end of the braided ponytail tightly and snip off the ends.

4. Apply bonding glue to the weft of your extension a little stretch at a time.

5. Starting from the tip/end of the braid, wrap the weft(which has bonding glue on it) round the braid, working your way up.

NOTE: At the tip of the braid, wrap the weave closely so the ponytail doesn’t look too thin at the end.

6. As you get close to the center of the braid, wrap the weave further apart.

7. On getting to the root of the ponytail, wrap the weave round the braid closely to prevent the braid from showing underneath.

8. Wrap to the root of your braid (on top of the band).

9. When you’re done wrapping, pick some strands of the weave and wrap round the root of your ponytail(apply a little glue to the top of those strands/ you can use bobby pins to hold them down). This hides the weft and makes your ponytail look more natural (like it came from your hair, you know)😊

10. Brush your “new” ponytail. Apply serum to it, if you wish.

And that’s how to achieve a ponytail that can take your hair from a zero to a ten!!

2nd day after making the ponytail 

NOTE: When taking off the ponytail when you’re done, apply a lot of oil to prevent damage to your hair.

As always, I hope this helps! If you have any other ideas on how to achieve a ponytail/ how to slay your hair or any other pictorial ideas, please comment below..I love to hear from you all!

“Indecision and delays are the parents of failure”- George Canning

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Have a lovely week and thanks for reading, 


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