Happy new month, beauties!
Today, I’ll be talking skincare. I do more makeup posts because I like to get my facts straight before I do a skincare post.

I decided on itchy skin because it’s something I experience myself. I’ll be sharing my experience, facts and advice on how best to deal with body itching. 

I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this issue(as it could be helpful to anyone reading this, including me!)

My experience: 

I have had body itching for as long as I can remember. When I was little, bathing was a nightmare. As my skin dried, it would start to itch and I had to scratch every itch. It was really frustrating and I had excoriations and sores where I’d scratched(they healed as black spots).

Now that I’m older, it’s not as bad(since I’m now more informed on how to deal with it).

So here I am..informing you!!πŸ˜„

Facts About Itchy Skin
Itching is a skin irritation that causes the urge to scratch.

Itchy skin(or pruritus) has a variety of causes.

DISCLAIMER: If your skin suddenly starts to itch or your itching is associated with rashes, blisters, any other symptoms or is generally unbearable, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR! It could be a sign of an underlying medical illness.

I’ll be talking about itching caused by dry skin(which is the commonest cause of body itching). Dry skin is caused by lack of sufficient oils or moisture in the topmost layer of the skin, which makes your skin irritated making it itch. Itching causes scratching which can lead to an itch-scratch cycle because the scratching irritated the skin more, causing more itching. 

Itching occurs commonly in dry weather and gets worse as you get older.



I learnt this the hard way after so many excoriation marks and dark spots. As I said earlier, it only makes the itching worse and can cause tiny sores; which can get infected. I usually resist the urge or tap lightly.


At first, it feels amazing to have a hot bath but this is a common precipitant. It dries out the natural oils in your skin quickly.


You know those soaps that leave you squeaky clean? They strip your skin of its natural moisture. Common culprits are antibacterial soaps(*whispers tetmosol*)

I know Dove and Pears have some good moisturizing soaps.


The friction makes your skin drier. Use your hands or a soft washcloth.(I’m working on this one, I promise!)


Same explanation as above. Towel/dry a little; enough to leave some moisture on your skin.


Use a body lotion that deeply moisturizes, like Cerave, E45, Sebamed or Dove to maintain your skin moisture. Don’t forget SPF!


Take an oatmeal bath. Oats has itch- fighting properties. I even add it to my exfoliating scrub(Check out the recipe here).


Foods containing essential fatty acids(fish oil, for example) help to keep your skin hydrated. On the other hand, alcohol, caffeine and even stress tend to exacerbate it.

I hope this helps someone out there!

How do you handle your itchy skin..what works for you?? I’d totally love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to share to your friends and family…it could help someone!

“There’s a way to do it better- find it” – Thomas Edison

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I love you all and thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely and informative post.
    Essential oils like lavender or Chamomilealso also have a soothing effect.Just add few drops in a bath water.


  2. That’s a nice collection of tips! πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll find mine helpful too!

    I have eczema – which is very itchy – but I can somewhat control it. I found Aveeno to be a waste of money, and I’m not a fan of tea tree oil (which is also a potent allergen and can make things worse), but I’ve learned what works for me:

    1. Moisturise. After every shower or bath. Don’t skip it. If you really have to skip it for whatever reason, make sure it’s a once-in-a-fortnight thing only. But still, if you don’t have the time to moisturise, rub baby oil into your wet skin while you’re still in the shower.

    2. Baby oil. In bath water. Baby oil is cheap. And since it’s meant to be used on baby’s skin, it’s gentle and it’s next to impossible that it would cause a skin reaction. Scented essential oils are nice too, but everything that’s ‘all natural’ has the potential to irritate skin – think of all the people with asthma, hayfever or food allergies – they’re allergic to natural products, and not to chemically engineered ones. So spritz some baby oil into your bath water. And rub it into your skin while you’re bathing. And use more baby oil if you need more. The good thing is that all those hard to reach body parts – like your back – will absorb the oil just from the water. You’ll feel it. It’s awesome.
    But make sure you’re careful getting in and out of the bath tub or shower because oils will leave a slippery residue. Be careful!

    3. Anti-histamines. I often scratch in my sleep. And I don’t realise it until the morning after, when my skin is bumpy and sore. It used to be really bad, once I managed to get a skin infection. I know now when I will (or would) scratch in my sleep, so I take an anti-histamine at dinner time. It always works. Always. There are different anti-histamines, some are prescription only, but you can get cheap over-the-counter anti-histamines too. Asda and Wilko do the cheapest ones, I think.

    4. Diary. Seriously. Take notes of what you’ve eaten or which products you used and keep track of your itching. I’m not saying you will definitely find a food group or a certain essential oil in a body lotion that causes all this. But you might be able to identify certain triggers – and it could be anything like dairy, gluten, stone fruits like cherries or plums, lavender oil, cinnamal in certain cosmetics, wool, methylisothiazolinone (which is considered a potent irritant in leave-on products, but deemed OK in wash-off products – but people might still be sensitive to it without knowing)…

    5. Nappy rash cream. Yes, seriously! Nappy rash cream contain large amounts of zinc oxide which is proven to help skin heal. Sure, you can buy an expensive zinc cream with a small percentage of zinc oxide, but you should buy nappy rash cream which bursts with zinc oxide. And nappy rash creams are gentle and hypo-allergenic – well, they’re meant to be for newborns. And nappy rash creams are usually anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, so they don’t just speed up the healing process, they can also prevent infections – especially when your skin is already sore. Oh, and nappy rash cream are also amazing to kill pimples on your face – they can soothe the angry skin, and they will help the spot heal faster. So there’s no reason not to have nappy rash cream. πŸ™‚

    I know certain skin conditions cannot be explained – but that’s because there are so many potential triggers and 99.9% of people will never find out because they don’t know they’re ‘sensitive’ to certain things. It could be your daily avocado that’s causing a permanent itch. Or it could be an essential oil in your skin cream from the pharmacy. Or it could be a preservative in your favourite shower gel. These are just examples, but there are so many things that could cause your skin to itch for no apparent reason. OK, maybe your skin does itch for no apparent reason. But based on my experience, there are certain triggers, and avoiding those triggers makes a huuuge difference to the quality of my life.

    I hope you found my tips helpful. As I said, try to keep track of when the itch flares up – and check if there’s a connection to food or cosmetics. Try to avoid certain foods or products for a few days and see if it makes a difference. If so, you’ll be in control of your skin again. And if there’s no difference, you can at least say that you’ve exhausted your options. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, let me know how you like my tips. I hope you’ll find them helpful. xx


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