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Today’s post is a review of the USHAS bronzer for face and body. I mentioned this bronzer in a previous post where I mentioned other affordable highlighters/bronzers I own and love.(You can check that post out here).

The “glow” trend has been around for quite some time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And I totally love it! There’s something amazing about the reflection when the sun hits your skin and you get that glow(you know what I mean!)


This bronzer comes in a brown compact with a transparent lid(no mirror included). The packaging is sturdy and really handy, making it easy to carry around in your purse.
The bronzer has a nice imprint on it(a palm tree and the sun); which reminds of holidays and “vacay”😢
On swiping it, it is pigmented and has a deep warm-toned bronze sheen that looks really lovely when applied. Another thing I like about this bronzer is that it can serve as a highlighter for deeper skin tones. For lighter skin tones, it will serve as a shimmery bronzer.

I apply it either with my RT Contour brush on the highest points of my face or RT Buffing brush all over my cheeks(when I want that subtle glow). It also lasts all day when applied. 

The only issue I have with it is that it can be a teeny bit chunky, especially if you pack it on. When this happens, a setting spray is usually the best fix.

Verdict: I love this bronzer, especially for everyday use. It is also super affordable and I totally recommend it. I score it a 9 out of 10. 

Price: N1000 – 1500
Where to buy: Mama Tega’s Stores, Yaba, Lagos

What are your favourite affordable highlighters and bronzers? Comment below, let’s chat!

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  1. Lol I Actually Feel The Exact Opposite, Maybe It’s My Skintone Or Somn, I Find I rely More On Thr Bronzer From The Zaron Contour Kit.


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