Hi beauties!
This post is a comparison of the real versus the fake Black Opal Deluxe Finishing powder.

There are so many fakes in the market, especially with this particular product. I think it’s really sad to spend money on something that doesn’t give you results.

I really hope this post helps! If you’re interested in the review of the “Original” Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder, it is right here for your consumption.

1. The font 

The font on the cover and body of the fake is bigger and bolder than that of the original. Also, there’s an oval “O” between the words “Black” and “Opal” on the original.

2. Expiry

Most beauty products have a life span written on them. It is usually written as 6M/12M/24M, meaning the number of months after which it has to be disposed. The original Black Opal Deluxe Powder has a life span of 24 months while the fake has nothing written on it.

3. Sponge 

No sponge comes with the original Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder. The fake has a sponge on top of the “sieve” thingy.

4. Label 

The label on the original is well placed(centrally) at the bottom of the container while that on the fake is deviated to one side.

5. Scent 

On opening, the original one has no obvious scent while the fake has a obvious talc/silica scent. 

6. The Powder itself 

The original one is finely milled while the fake is not. It feels harsh and looks chalky and applies in a patchy way.

These are the differences I noticed between both. How do you recognize the original versions of your favourite beauty products??? Let’s help one another….

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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Ifedayo xx


  1. Just buy from an official distributor as stated on black opal’s website which in Nigeria is Kuddy Cosmetics.

    I don’t work for them abeg but I use their products and that’s why I go to where the original is sold.


    1. That’s the best place to buy from. However, some people do not live in Lagos or have access to Kuddys Cosmetics shops and have to purchase from other retailers.
      Thanks for your recommendation!


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