Hi lovelies!
I mentioned on my Snapchat(username: amakeupjunkie_) that I’d be adding a new category to the blog: BRAND FEATURE.

I’ll basically be discussing all the products I have used from a particular brand in one post. Full reviews of individual products will also be linked in the brand feature post. I don’t know whether to put a particular day to it yet(what do you think?)

Today’s brand feature is AOA Studio. I discovered this brand on MyMakeupNg’s N1k Shop

AOA Studio is one of the brands sold by Miss A, the popular $1 shop.

Here are the products I’ve used from the brand:
1. AOA Brush Cleaning Egg

This serrated brush cleaner helps in cleaning brushes; especially eyeshadow and other smaller brushes. It has 2 surfaces, depending on how dense the bristles of your brush are. 

It costs N750 and it’s worth every kobo.

2. AOA Wonder Blender

I had really high hopes for this sponge. However it left my makeup looking patchy and unblended. It was also so stiff and hard, even when wet.

I’ll be sticking to my Nuban Beauty Pro Blending Sponge, thank you!

3. AOA Wonder Metal Lipstick

I got this in the Shade “Vanity”. It’s such a beautiful metallic pink shade. It feels very comfortable on the lips. I really like this and it’s worth the try, especially if you’ve never tried a metallic lipstick.

Have you used any products from AOA Studio? Did you like them? Leave a comment below if you did. Or didn’t..

“Be Happy for this moment. This moment is your life” – Omar Khayyam

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Ifedayo xx


  1. I haven’t tried any product from the brand yet. Not sure I have even heard about them.
    Stopped window online shopping months, months ago😂😂😂. But the lip colour looks great. 😍😍.

    Speaking about the nubanbeauty Sponge . Rat ate mine😂😂


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