10 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BLOGGERS I LOVE(and I’m sure you will too!)

Hi beauties!

How’s your week going? It’s almost the end of the year, yippee!!!

Last year, I did a post on my favourite Yotubers and why I love them so.

I thought it’d be lovely to bring this home as the Nigerian Beauty community gets larger every day.

Don’t forget to leave a comment stating your favourite Nigerian Beauty bloggers and what you love about them.

Let’s start the roll call!!

1. Ronke Raji

She’s a hot hot slayer(you know that already). Her makeup tutorials are very helpful, fun and her Inspiratorials(inspirational tutorials) warm my heart every time.

Source: Instagram

2. Ez of Beautyinlagos

Ez= Nails…plus yes, glowing skin!

She was one of the first indigenous beauty bloggers, as far as I know. She’s a force in Nigerian influencing and she was one of the few bloggers who influenced my decision to start a blog.

Source: Instagram

3. Beautybyttee

Hair slayer today and always. I love her makeup(her blending skills are worthy of emulation). Did I forget to mention her wigs?? They give me life…

Source: Instagram

4. Dimma Umeh

Beauty blogger extraordinare. She sets the bar higher with every Youtube video. Her makeup game is clean, modern and minimalistic and her photography skills leave me in awe every time I check her Instagram page.

Source: Instagram

5. Kehinde Smith

Every time I see her Instagram pictures, I’m like “can I lick your melanin please?” She has glowing beautiful black skin and her highlighter game is on another level.

Source: Instagram

6. Anita Brows

The brow surgeon…she stays winning with her brow game. I also think she’s an excellent teacher. I’m an avid watcher of her Snaps. She’s great at what she does. Simple.

Source: Snapchat

7. Glorys Beauty

When I want “no bullshit, straight to the point” honest review of a product, I go to her blog. No jokes. Her liquid lipstick game is worthy of aspiration. I await your videos, Girl!

Source: Instagram

8. BeautyFrenzy Blog

My go-to for skincare! A skincare guru Ijeoma is! Best primers, cleansers, skin treatments…she gat you.

Source: Instagram

9. Stephanie Ani

I love her clean, sophisticated makeup looks…her skin game be popping too. Check out her stunning videos here.

Source: Instagram

10. Lydia Stanley

I’m in total and complete awe of her eyeshadow looks…I’m like “how you do that?” You totally should check her out. You’d love her just as much as I do!

Source: Instagram

It’s a wrap, guys!

Who are your favourite Nigerian beauty bloggers?? Let’s check them out!!

“To all the little girls who are watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”- Hillary Clinton

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Ifedayo xx

20 thoughts on “10 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BLOGGERS I LOVE(and I’m sure you will too!)

  1. I love love love Ronke Raji’s detailed YouTube videos, Dimma Umeh’s makeup simplicity and Lydia ‘s eye shadows….. LORD! She serves them shadows back to back. I always thank God that I found Beautyfrenzy. 💖


  2. glorysbeauty is my favorite.I love dimma umeh and I also love beauty frenzy too.I love ur blog too,how u blog about affordable products.keep it up.my first time commenting.


  3. What a nice way to express your love for these beauties. You are right everyone will love them including me. Thanks for sharing, have a nice day!! 🙂


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