Happy holidays, fam!!!

I’ve been torn between traditional blogging, Instagram, Snapchat(Username- ifedayobalo12), Youtube of late, but I’m not complaining.

Yes, you heard right! We(You and I) have a Youtube channel(Channel name- A Makeupjunkie).

I started about 6 weeks ago but I felt my videos weren’t there yet. I just realized I’d never be ready..So guys, please stop by Youtube and watch my videos. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave your comments and suggestions. I’d totally appreciate it!

Back to the review, I’m reviewing a hair product for the first time; the Cantu extra hold edge stay gel.

Product Description

Conditions and smoothes frizz and flyaways for shiny, sleek styles with a long-lasting, flake-free hold. Made with pure shea butter and formulated without harsh ingredients.



I initially found out about this product from Dimma Umeh‘s Youtube channel where she shared products she uses for her hair.

When I saw it in InVivo some weeks after, I had to grab it.

It comes in a small tube(imagine a smaller sized pencillin ointment). When I checked the website, there was a bigger version though.

The edge control itself is quite stiff, almost difficult to dispense. When you apply it to your edges, it just stays put. No jokes. It held edges through the sweaty afternoons we’ve had of late in Lagos.

My hair is relaxed so I tested it on my younger sister who has natural hair and it held her edges too.

It does not flake, leave a residue or give that “eew” edge control look or turn white. I even use it on the parting in my leave-out to hold those very tiny strands/flyaways down.

The only downside to it is the size. It’s quite a small tube for N790 and if you are a generous user like me, it might not last very long.


I’ve used Motions, ORS, Hawaiian Silky and Ecotools edge control products over the years and this is the best edge control I have used.

It is just the size relative to price that bothers me.

Price: N790

Where to buy: In Vivo Supermarket

What’s your favourite edge control product? If you’d like me to review more hair care products(especially for relaxed hair), please leave a comment..I’ll definitely reply!

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success” – Shiv Kera

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Ifedayo xx

12 thoughts on “HAVE YOU TRIED THIS EDGE CONTROL?? Issa Review!!

  1. Hey girl! Nice review, I like that it’s 790 as I think the eco styling one is quite expensive? I’ve never bought the eco styling one though, so I don’t know how much the smallest tub would be. Definitely interested in this.

    Congrats on your Youtube channel, subscribed! I watched your ‘colorful nude and purple makeup’ video and I felt it was decent as you’re just starting out. What camera do you use? You can try and get a more solid background e.g. something with a cardboard-like surface in a singular color, and you can also record a voice over the video but I’m sure you know that & maybe it’s your preference to do 2-in-1 and just do everything at once. Another idea for editing is speeding up certain areas because perhaps your video is focused on eyes but while I like watching people put on foundation etc, I’m here for the eye look and would likely skip some parts. Either way, I wish you growth in your channel, and that you find a balance between Youtube, IG and traditional blogging. I like your blog a lot! Don’t neglect this space o


    1. Babes!❤️
      This one is more expensive than the eco styler; that one was 1200 for a small cup while this is 790 for a small tube. But you sure can try this one out.
      For Youtube, I currently use my iPhone 5S until I can afford a camera. What other background do you suggest? I’m actually searching for something thicker and as you said, more solid. I’ll definitely keep in mind your suggestions for editing.
      I won’t neglect this space, I’m working on finding that balance. Thanks for your comments, suggestions and for subscribing to the channel.
      Comments like yours keep me going. You rock, girl! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah but you know me sef I don’t look at sizing sometimes, it’s the price that gets me lol! Ahh filming with iPhone, I attempted filming a makeup look the other day with my iPhone 5. I think the back camera is higher quality than the front, but then you’d have to put a mirror in front of the phone to see if you’re appearing well on screen. I’m sure you used the front camera.

        Chai, we’ll figure this out someday, it’s all about growth! I like those backgrounds that are paper, but you need like a stand to hold them straight while filming. I definitely love their effect though. Thanks for taking my comments on board!


      2. I actually used the back camera. I do test videos to make sure I’m in frame and leave the phone in that position. Someone helps me check at intervals. Those backdrops are really nice. I like them. Beauty Frenzy is selling hers off but the funds and then space to put it..*sniff*..
        We definitely will o… Thanks again, darling!❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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