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For many people, chemical exfoliation is either too harsh or downright unnecessary. They think “why should I apply chemicals to my skin?” or “I’d rather scrub, that sugar, honey and coconut oil mix works wonders” etc.

I am writing this post to give you a the TEA on chemical exfoliation and why it’s a safer option for achieving flawless skin.

What is chemical exfoliation?

It is the application of chemical exfoliating agent(s) to the skin and destruction of layers of the epidermis leading to growth of a new portion of skin.

Why should I exfoliate as a POC?

The outermost later of skin of a POC is thicker than that of a Caucasian and exfoliation helps to thin out that layer of skin.

• POC have larger oil glands and are more prone to acne which some chemical exfoliant help with.

• We are also more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially after sun exposure or post-acne(PIH)

• Exfoliation helps to diminish dead skin, acne scars and blackheads and reveal new skin.

Why chemical exfoliation(To scrub or not to scrub?)

I know many of us are loyal to our good ol’ scrubs. Actually, chemical exfoliation is gentler and safer than physical exfoliation.

1. It does not involve rubbing the skin which can cause micro tears in the skin.

2. They have better penetration into the skin for deeper exfoliation.

3. Some of them help control oil production.

4. Chemical exfoliant break down the bonds between dead skin cells, thus helping them detach.

Which one is best for me?

There are basically 2 types of chemical exfoliants; the AHAs(alpha-hydroxy acids) and the BHAs(beta-hydroxy acids).

1. AHAs: They increase the shedding of the skin by reducing the adhesion or “glueing” of dead skin cells to each other. However they are hydrophilic; hence do not penetrate oily pores as much.

• Lactic acid: Is very gentle, hydrates the skin, fights hyperpigmentation and bacteria in the skin. The Ordinary 10% Lactic Acid + HA is an excellent prototype.

• Citric Acid: It increases the production of hyaluronic acid, smooths, thickens and hydrates the skin.

• Glycolic acid: Has good hydrating properties and pigment-reducing action. It however cause sun sensitivity. Perfect examples include the Pixi Glow Tonic and The Ordinary 7% Glycolic Acid Toning Solution.

• Malic Acid: Is a natural hydrator and anti-oxidant.

• Mandelic acid: Is excellent for POC, helps with post-acne pigmentation, active acne and works well with salicylic acid.

2. BHAs: The one example is salicylic acid. Another is willow bark extract. They are lipophillic; hence excellent for acne(can penetrate oil-filled pores), helps with blackheads and acne-prone skin.

There are also combination exfoliants which contain AHAs and BHA. A good example is The Ordinary 30% AHA + 2% BHA which I reviewed here and Farmacy Honeymoon Glow.

Other good exfoliants(albeit, pricey) include Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, Alpha-H Liquid Gold and Dr Frances Preeno Jones formula.

Personally, chemical exfoliation has reformed my skincare. I currently use The Ordinary 7% Glycolic Acid Toning Solution and I am loving it(full review coming soon). Don’t forget to moisturize and apply SUNSCREEN after using many of these acids to reduce sun sensitivity and improve skin moisture.

Where to buy:

*Amazon links included are affiliate links

If you live in Nigeria, amazing blogger girl, Beauty Frenzy sells many of these products at affordable prices on her website here. Remember you can save 5% on orders above N10000 when you use the code “AMAKEUPJUNKIE”…*non-affiliate code*

What chemical exfoliants face you tried and how did they work for you? Are you a “scrub” girl? Why won’t you switch sides? Leave your comments below, ask your questions…Let’s talk #GlowGoals2018!

“Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it”- Lao Tzu

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10 thoughts on “CHEMICAL EXFOLIATION FOR POC: A Discussion

  1. I have never tried checimal exfoliants, is this the same as chemical peels? Somehow whenever I attempt to venture into this treatment I think I’ll consult an aesthetician as I don’t want to use anything that maybe too harsh for my skin


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