Hi guys!

So I’m writing this post in layered clothing under my blanket in Jos(yes, it’s the coldest state in Nigeria). The network there isn’t great, hence my absence from social media. But I told myself “I gats do this!”

So in this post I’m reviewing these Zaron duo and trio eyeshadow palettes.

Product Description

Trio Eyeshadow palette- Three-in-one Eyeshadow Palette, Available in 5 shades.

Duo Eyeshadow palette- Two-in-one eyeshadow palette, Available In 8 shades.


I got these in a giveaway by Beauty Frenzy. I got 1 duo and 1 trio eyeshadow palette.

These palettes have very cute packaging. They have little mirrors and little doe foot applicators in them.

The duo eyeshadow palette has a light pink and dark pink shade while the trio has a teal, blue and a dark blue shade.

The pigmentation of these palettes are average in my opinion. There is also a little fallout especially from the trio palette. The pigmentation is much better with a white base underneath.

Personally, I prefer the trio to the duo in terms of pigmentation.

I created these looks with these eyeshadow palettes.


The shades in these palettes are so beautiful.

I wish these palettes were more pigmented and easier to work with because they are so affordable and would be great for beginners.

Prices: N1640 for the trio and N1480 for the duo

Where to buy: Zaron outlets nationwide

Have you used any of these palettes? What do you think about them?

“The only source of knowledge is experience”- Albert Einstein

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Ifedayo xx


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