Happy new week, guys!

In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the Zaron Perfect Finish setting spray.

Product Description

Instant moisturizing and relaxing mist that freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine micro droplets. It’s light comfortable and sets all types of makeup. Prolonging wear even under extreme conditions.


This finishing spray comes on a pretty silver bottle containing 120ml of product.

It has a good nozzle though I think it lets out a little too much product so you need spray to a distance from your face.

I also really like the ingredients of this spray(it contains witchhazel extract, castor oil and sodium hyaluronate, which are really great for the skin).

Upon application, it gets rid of that powdery look makeup can sometimes have and looks refreshing on the skin.

I even use it to wet my sponge to blend out foundation or concealer and to give my highlight a more liquid glow(check out my post on how to slay your glow here.

It is also very moisturizing so I suggest you use a little if you have oily skin.

I don’t think it particularly makes my makeup last longer though.


It’s a winner for me. It is so affordable, contains a lot of product and gives makeup a radiant finish.

Price: N3585

Where to buy: Zaron Cosmetics online or their outlets nationwide

What setting sprays have you tried?? How did you like them?

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Thanks for reading!

Ifedayo xx


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