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In today’s blog post, I’ll be comparing 3 black eyeliner pencils and giving the rundown on which one is or isn’t worth your coins and why.

Don’t forget to leave a comment stating your favourite eyeliner pencil.

Let’s dig in!

1. Zaron eyeliner pencil

This was the first “not dirt-cheap” eyeliner I bought. I liked it because it was a good black but it smudged so bad I had to stop using it.

It wasn’t because I took a nap or got my eye irritated. It just smudged on its own from just opening and closing my eyes.

2. Maybelline Colossal Kajal

I’ve used this one for the longest time. It is so popular especially here in Nigeria. It is a decent black shade, is creamy and is great for people for people with sensitive eyes.

However, I noticed that with time it gets less black. I am not sure if that’s just me or something. It gets particularly bad when it seems like my lower eyelids are oily.

3. Mabrook Extremely soft eyeliner

Of these 3, this is the blackest black. I just got it recently and I was pleasantly surprised. It is creamy and really comfortable. My only problem is that the liner is too soft. It breaks off easily so it might not last very long.


My favourite of the three is the Mabrook one. That black is a true black!!

What is your favorite black eyeliner?? Leave a comment below, let’s chat!!

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6 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE EYELINER PENCILS: Which one Should You Buy?

  1. I love the zaron one, well I haven’t used any other one before so I can’t even say. I usually set mine so I guess that’s why I haven’t noticed how bad it smudges


  2. Mabrook all the way, I like that it’s soft and I have been using it for a while
    I feel like the quality of the Maybelle liner has reduced over the years. It’s no longer what (I thought) it used to be


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