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Today’s post is a review of these Olay Daily Facials wipes, which I have been using for the past month or so.

Product Description

5-in-1 cleansing power of a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask & cleanser

Specially textured, water-activated dry cloths with Extract for normal skin

Smooths & replenishes skin’s natural hydration as it cleans

Works deep into skin’s surface to gently remove makeup, dirt, oil & even mascara

A facial cleanser that’s convenient, portable & easy to use


I found out about these “wipes” on Nikkie Tutorials’ Youtube channel.

I got them and I’ve been using them ever since.

I got these as a twin refill(1 pack contains 33 wipes, 2- 66 wipes).

Each cloth is the size of a normal wipe with little holes on them, which are meant to exfoliate your skin.

These wipes are water-activated, which means you have to wet them before using. They create a luxurious lather when wet.

After wiping your face with the wet cloth once, you can rinse it and wipe off any other residue or lather off your face.

It gets out all the makeup and dirt, with no exception(including eyeliner and mascara).

I don’t think it serves the function of a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser(that’s a stretch). I like that I can use it on days when I’m too tired to go in with a full routine.

Here’s a demo of me using it on my Youtube channel. Please don’t forget to leave a comment or two and subscribe:


I really, really like these cleansing cloths. They are affordable, effective and the best wipes I’ve used so far.

Price: $5.99(for one pack)

Where to buy: Amazon

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