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Hiya, beauties!!

I hope you’re all doing well. Today’s post is a review of a product from Deciem, Hylamide Matte 12 Primer.

I discovered this primer from Ije of BeautyFrenzyBlog when she raved about it on her blog.

Product Description

Mattifying beauty products almost always use a combination of Talc, Starch, Silica and Chalk (Calcium Carbonate) to create a “matte” skin finish. We don’t like these “technologies” because a) they also bind to water, not just oil, and so are drying which is very different than mattifying; b) some of them are bad for you (search about talc-related lawsuits); c) they don’t blend well with many forms of makeup.

Mattifying should not mean drying. In fact, matte skin should be just as comfortable as oily skin. Matte 12 uses advanced elastic spherical polymers that bind to oil but do not make the skin feel dry.

Here are some very good facts about these spheres:

+They allow Matte 12 to repel water and bind only to oil so the product doesn’t dry out the skin (in fact, Matte 12 can easily be used on dry skin for a matte finish);

+They are elastic and form an incredibly soft finish to the skin;

+They are nearly-perfectly spherical in shape (unlike many powders) making them a fantastic base that can work under any makeup (or used happily alone);

Matte 12 is intended for all skin types including dry skin. On most skin types, the effect of the product will last until rinsed, for up to 12 hours. For very oily skin types, an additional application throughout the day may be needed. (Very oily skin types may also benefit from our Pore Delete).


This primer comes in a 30ml tube with the usual dispenser.

The consistency of the primer is neither light(like the Smashbox Photofinish Primer or thick like the Boots No 7 mattifying base. Its consistency is like a semi-thick gel and sinks into the skin seamlessly.

Upon application, it blurs the skin, especially pores,does not leave a cast and does not make the skin feel tight. It is mattifying but not drying.

Foundation and other base products apply smoothly on top of it. It does not make foundation ball up or peel when used underneath makeup.

It allows makeup to stay on for the whole day.

As for its oil-controlling properties, it keeps oil at bay fairly well. Its oil-controlling properties are obviously affected by the type of foundation used with it.

By the end of the day, my T-zone is shiny but not oily.

The one thing I don’t like about it is its inability to blur fine lines. The fine lines and creases around my mouth are not reduced by this primer(I’m guessing that’s the function of the Hylamide HA Blur).


I like this primer but it is not a heavy duty mattifying primer. It is best for combination skin like mine but may hold up oil for very oily skin types.

It does a good job of blurring pores and would be great for no- makeup days. It also contains products that are skin-friendly and is affordable.

Price: $19.99

Where to buy: Amazon

Have you tried out this primer? What do you think?

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Thanks for reading!

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