Hiya, beauty junkies!

In today’s post, I’m sharing my absolute favourite makeup essentials. These are products that make my life easier everyday and I would recommend to anyone without a second thought.

Let’s dig in!

1. Nuban Beauty Pro Blending sponge: If you’ve been following me on social media for more than 6 months, you know I love any of the Nuban Beauty Blending sponges. They are soft, easy to use and blend out makeup well. I haven’t used any other Blending sponge since I started using these ones and they are super super affordable.

You should absolutely try it out!

2. RT Contour brush: I love a multipurpose tool and this contour brush from Real Techniques is a great one. It can be used to set concealer under the eyes, contour and highlight the face. It’s that good.

I have had it for 2 years and it has not shed a bristle. I wish it was sold as a single brush, not only as part of the Core collection brush set.

3. Unicorn Pouch(in Medium): This pouch is a dream for every makeup lover. It is the right size to pack a full face of makeup, has a strong zipper and a transparent cover which allows you see through the pouch.

This is a staple for me, especially when I’m on call and I need to pack makeup for the next day.

4. House of Tomaniere Brush Cleaner: I’m not one to buy brush cleaners, I’ll be honest. I’m that girl who uses dishwashing liquid to wash her brushes(please don’t judge me)

When I was sent this brush cleanser, I felt it was not a necessity. Boy, was I wrong!

This liquid contains something your average dishwashing liquid doesn’t(I don’t know what it is, tbh). It cleans my densest brushes without stress and has made the chore of cleaning brushes easier.

5. Miniso 2-sided mirror

I told my sister the other day “If I buy you this Miniso mirror, I must really like you!”

That’s the easiest way to describe my relationship with this mirror. It is sturdy(doesn’t break easily). It also has a normal side and a magnifying side(which helps with eyeshadow looks).

I think I should stock up on a few more, just to be safe.

I’m also thinking of including it in my 1.5k Instagram giveaway which I’m currently planning…whatcha think?

It’s a wrap, guys! These are my 5 absolute favourite beauty tools. If you’ve used any of them, please leave a comment below…I’d also love to know your favourite beauty essentials…Sharing is caring!!

“I am not ashamed to dress as a woman, because I don’t think it is shameful to be a woman”- Iggy Pop

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Thanks for reading!

Ifedayo xx


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