Hiya, guys!!

I’ve been gone for quite a bit as I was studying for an exam. I missed blogging and I’m happy to be back!

Today’s post is a review of my new favourite edge layering product, the Gorilla Snot Gel.


Create unimaginable hairstyles with Gorilla Snot Gel® Punk with extra Shine. Due to its long lasting hold effect you will be able to show off your hairdo all day long. Gorilla Snot Gel will give you a unique look and hairstyle that will stand out from the rest and will withstand all weather conditions in any activity. Its advance formula also nourishes your hair due to its natural ingredients. Snot your hair!


This product comes in a brightly colored weirdly-shaped yellow tube with an orange cap. I find its shape interesting, however it is not travel/friendly. I don’t see how it’ll fit into any beauty purse. I checked their site and there’s a mini size(in the same shape). I guess that works.

The gel itself is yellow in colour with a very gooey consistency. It is sticky and feels like snot, to be honest.

Does it hold? Hell yes! It holds through heat and sweat and keeps those edges down. It also does not leave a residue or create a super shiny finish like some other edge styling products do. It also does not flake.

Cons? I don’t like the consistency. The gooeyness makes it difficult to apply. It also dries fast once it comes out of the tube. I usually squeeze it unto the cap and dip a brush into it.

It is also important to ensure that the gel is dry before applying makeup. It creates a “substance” that is quite difficult to remove(trust me, it has happened a number of times).


I really like this product. It contains 11.9 oz of product so it is sure to last a long time unlike the Cantu one which I used in the past. It is affordable and doesn’t leave a residue. I totally recommend it!

Price: $8.50/N4500

Where I bought mine: The Beauty Espacio

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Thanks for reading!

Ifedayo xx


  1. I’m a fan of gorilla snot too! I seriously wish I heard about it before all the other alternative edge controls. Those were such a major waste of money and I want to just toss them lol great review though!


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