Happy New Year, everyone!

This is my first post of 2019…yayyyy!!

I hope this year is an amazing and prosperous year for us all.

I also hope to be more consistent on here as I am on my other social media platforms(Instagram), YouTubeetc.

Today’s post is a review of a skincare product I’ve been using, The Ordinary 2% Retinol in Squalane.

Retinol is a skincare product that helps reduce aging skin, reducing fine lines by increasing renewal of skin cells.


This comes in the usual dropper packaging typical of The Ordinary, which I love!

The product itself has a very light oily consistency; which sinks right into your skin and does not feel heavy at all.

This is my first retinol product and I had previously avoided them because they can be drying and can make your skin super irritated. I bought this one because it contains Squalane, a hydrating oil which makes it gentler in the skin.

I found this retinol to be non- irritating to my skin. My skin did not feel super dry and I did not have any peeling after using it. My skin looked and felt great and even glowy(because of the squalane content) after I applied it and even when I woke up in the morning.

It also applies well over and under other skincare products.

I have used this product for about 1 month and I have noticed reduction in hyperpigmentation over the bridge of my nose and my fine lines(even when I haven’t applied it).

It is important to note that retinols make you super sensitive to the sun(hence it should be used at night).

It is also best to avoid using it in pregnancy.


There are 2 kinds of products; those that make your skin look good immediately you apply them and those that help your skin in the long run. Honestly, I love when a product does both and this does! This made it one of my favourite skincare products of 2018.

Price: $14.70/ N6500

Where to buy: Lookfantastic(UK/Nigeria)


What is your favourite retinol/retinoid product? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Ifedayo xx

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