How To Take Care Of Face After Fraxel?

How do I wash my face after Fraxel?

You’ve taken the first step toward more healthy and radiant looking skin by having this laser treatment. Now it is important to help your skin heal quickly and protect your skin investment. On the night following treatment, you should wash the treated area gently with lukewarm water and avoid hot water in these areas.

How do I take care of my skin after Fraxel?

Keep treated area clean; avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive exercise, perspiring, swimming, or exposing skin to heat and sun. Skin Care Products. All of your skin care products should be non-irritating and non-clogging for the first week or so after a Fraxel treatment.

How often wash face after Fraxel?

Because the Fraxel laser does damage your skin cells (in order for them to rejuvenate and improve your skin’s appearance), you need to be certain to clean all treated areas several times a day – two to five, according to – with saline or diluted vinegar solution, depending on your surgeon’s

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How long does it take to heal after Fraxel?

The downtime to ablative Fraxel (so Fraxel Repair) is typically a week. During the first two days, you can expect redness, throbbing, and swelling (like a sunburn), then between days three to five, your skin will start to roughen up and peel.

How can I speed up my Fraxel recovery?

Keeping a light moisturizer on your skin throughout the first week after your Fraxel laser treatment is an important aspect of hydrating and rejuvenating your skin, but you should avoid heavy moisturizers, makeup, and any type of exfoliant to avoid slowing the healing process.

Can I use Vitamin C serum after Fraxel?

Topical vitamin C application reduces the injury of the skin’s surface barrier after Fraxel laser and promotes restoration of skin pH. However, there is a limit with increasing skin lightness or decreasing skin redness.

What should I avoid after Fraxel?

Protecting your skin after Fraxel also involves avoiding products that could cause inflammation and irritation. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, avoiding anything with alpha or beta hydroxy acids, retinol or exfoliating ingredients until your provider gives you the all-clear.

Should I moisturize after Fraxel?

Keep your skin moisturized, especially while it is peeling. Post Laser gel or Aquaphor Healing Ointment (available OTC) can be applied several times a day. If your skin is acne prone, use a lighter moisturizer, such as Cetaphil or Cerave.

How long does it take for swelling to go down after Fraxel?

Swelling usually lasts two to three days. To minimize swelling do the following: – Apply cold compresses to the treatment area for 10 minutes of every hour on the day of treatment, until you go to bed.

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Does Fraxel tighten skin?

Fraxel Repair uses carbon dioxide laser beams, which not only minimize wrinkles and discolorations, but also have the ability to tighten skin. This is why it is a smart choice for sagging neck skin.

How long after Fraxel can I exfoliate?

One week after your treatment, you may begin gentle exfoliation with a Clarisonic or similar brush or a washcloth if your skin still feels like sandpaper or close up you see small dark dots.

Does Fraxel make you break out?

It’s not uncommon for people to experience breakouts after a Fraxel procedure. Although this can be upsetting, you want to stick with using a gentle cleanser, and not switch to one with an acne-fighting ingredient. Your skin is still delicate, and strong ingredients can lead to irritation.

How long after Fraxel do you see results?

After Fraxel treatment, results are immediate and progressive, with optimal improvement usually visible in 2 to 3 months. Immediately following your first treatment and initial healing, your skin will feel softer and tone will start to become even.

How painful is Fraxel?

The ‘new’ Fraxel is not painful for most patients; a mild prickling sensation can be felt. We ensure patients are comfortable by applying a topical anaesthetic cream before the treatment and the machine now comes with a Zimmer device, which blows chilled air on the skin as the laser works, distracting nerve endings.

Can I shower after Fraxel?

After Treatment: Days 2 to 7 Wash your face with warm water. (Hot water will not do any damage to your skin, but warm water will feel much nicer against the skin.) Make sure to apply ample sunscreen after washing face in the AM.

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