Often asked: How To Care For Skin On Face With A Beard?

Can you do skincare with a beard?

It’s that simple. To properly take care of your beard and skin, it’s time to level up your skin care products. Even with a beard, things don’t need to be complicated. With just four products formulated specifically for men, you can achieve maximum handsome in minutes.

How do I moisturize my face with a beard?

Use a facial scrub twice weekly over the entire beard area to remove dead cells and skin flakes and to release ingrown hairs. Then, hydrate the skin beneath your beard twice daily using a good, non-sticky moisturiser or specialist beard conditioner. Make sure you gently massage it in to ensure proper coverage.

What can I put on my face for a beard?

Washing and moisturizing Wash your face with gentle, natural soap. Moisturize your face with a lotion or oil, such as castor oil or coconut oil, after you bathe.

Can I use face cleanser on beard?

The Best Beard Wash to Use? Use a mild beard wash. Body washes and regular soap tend to be stronger cleansers and will strip your beard of its natural oils. Normal face washes are not designed with hair in mind, so they too can over dry your beard, leaving it void of its natural oils.

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Is Vaseline good for your beard?

There is a persistent myth which states that Vaseline could help beard growth, but it’s simply not true. Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly and it has no effect – positive or negative – on your facial hair growth rate.

Does moisturizing help beard growth?

Making sure your beard hair and the skin underneath is nice and moisturized can not only help you grow a great beard, but it can also help ease the symptoms of skin issues. Keep in mind that having skin that is well moisturized will help your beard grow in better and thicker.

Should you put lotion on your beard?

Applying Lotion To A Beard Is A Valid Substitute They are designed for your skin, not your beard. Made to retain the moisture within your skin, they can help offset any fine lines and wrinkles and help prevent dryness and flaking. But when applied to your beard, they only help when your beard is just a short stubble.

Does rubbing alcohol grow facial hair?

Alcohol Can Make Your Facial Hair Grow. Testosterone in the body creates a hormone called DHT which plays a major role in the development of body hair. And beer contains silicon which is believed to increase circulation and stimulate facial hair growth.

Can coconut oil grow beard?

1) A Longer, Thicker, & Fuller Beard A study conducted back in 2003 showed just how powerful coconut oil for your beard could be. Due to coconut oils lauric acid properties, it has a high affinity to stimulate new hair growth. This makes your beard appear thicker, fuller, and healthier even after you wash it out.

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Can onion grow beard?

Giving you more control of those flyaways in your beard, Onion’s high sulphur content not only regenerates beard follicles but also provides nourishment. Onion juice for patchy beards along with the Rosemary extracts increases the circulation to the beard follicles on the face & promotes beard growth.

Should you use beard oil everyday?

You likely don’t need to apply beard oil every day. You can start by applying it every other day, and adjust as needed. If you live in a particularly dry climate or have a longer beard, you may need to apply more often. If you notice your beard feels greasy, you can cut back how often you apply oil.

Should I wash my face after using beard oil?

Beard oil is best applied to your face first thing in the morning as part of your getting ready to go out regime. Usually just after you wash your face and towel dry is a good time to apply the oil. After washing with warm water your pores will open and damp hairs readily absorb that lovely beard oil.

What happens if you don’t wash your beard?

The harsh chemicals can dry out your beard and the skin underneath. This leads to itchy skin and a brittle, coarse beard. The natural oils your skin produces will make your beard healthier than ever before. You just have to give them an opportunity to shine.

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