FAQ: Four Months Rotator/Bicept Why Cant I Wash My Hair Or Do Perineal Care Yet ,?

Can I wash my hair after rotator cuff surgery?

If you need to apply deodorant or wash under your arm, you will need to lean over like you are doing a pendulum exercise. You will be able to zip your pants, button a shirt, and brush your teeth, but you won’t be able to wash your hair with your surgical arm.

Why does my shoulder hurt when I wash my hair?

Impingement syndrome is one of the most common causes of pain in the adult shoulder. You wake up one morning and reach to turn off the alarm clock. The movement produces a sudden sharp pain in your upper arm. The pain returns when you’re washing your hair and again while you brush your teeth.

When should a rotator cuff tear be repaired?

Rotator cuff tears usually produce symptoms of weakness and pain especially on trying to lift the arm. When an acute injury results in a rotator cuff tear consideration should be given to a surgical repair within six weeks of the injury to avoid atrophy of the muscle and tendon.

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Why does my bicep hurt after rotator cuff surgery?

The other major reason patients have pain after rotator cuff surgery is due to stiffness of that shoulder. It is common after rotator cuff surgery to have some stiffness due to the fact that the operation caused the arm to be held without motion for some time.

How much rest is needed after shoulder surgery?

Most people need 6 weeks or longer to recover. How much time you need depends on the surgery that was done. You may have to limit your activity until your shoulder strength and range of motion are back to normal. You may also be in a rehabilitation program (rehab).

Can you wear deodorant before shoulder surgery?

Take a bath or shower before you come in for your surgery. Do not apply lotions, perfumes, deodorants, or nail polish.

When can I wear a bra after shoulder surgery?

Clothing for Hospital Should Include Loose Fitting Upper Apparel. A loose fitting sleeveless undershirt followed by a loose button down shirt. Please do not wear a traditional bra for two weeks, but one with a T-back or racer back straps are okay.

What will I need after shoulder surgery?

Some post-surgical items that have proven to be helpful are:

  • Button-down, oversized and post-surgical shirts; front-closure bra.
  • Long-handled back washer.
  • Detachable shower head.
  • Pillow wedge for sleeping.
  • Medicine box to keep necessary medications close by.
  • Shower chair if you are unsteady.
  • Pre-made or frozen meals.

Is rotator cuff a ligament?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of your upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder.

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How do you tell if rotator cuff is torn or strained?

The most common symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include:

  1. Pain at rest and at night, particularly if lying on the affected shoulder.
  2. Pain when lifting and lowering your arm or with specific movements.
  3. Weakness when lifting or rotating your arm.
  4. Crepitus or crackling sensation when moving your shoulder in certain positions.

How can I make my rotator cuff heal faster?

5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery

  1. Wear your shoulder immobilizer or sling.
  2. Participate in physical therapy.
  3. Eliminate pain medication as quickly as possible.
  4. Avoid certain shoulder positions and arm movements.
  5. Don’t rush your recovery.

What happens if you don’t get a torn rotator cuff repaired?

Without any treatment—either rest and rehabilitation or surgery—rotator cuff disorders may get worse. Over time, you may have more pain. You may lose range of motion and strength in your shoulder, making it harder to do your daily activities.

Does a torn rotator cuff affect your bicep?

Tendinopathy of the long head of the biceps (LHB) tendon commonly occurs in patients with rotator cuff tears, and the inflammation of one head tends to lead to inflammation of the other.

What percentage of rotator cuff surgeries fail?

Past studies have shown up to 75% of people following a rotator cuff repair will technically “fail” if you define surgical failure as the cuff is not intact again after surgery. A recent systematic review published in JOSPT reported a failure rate between 18% and 40% over 10 different research reports.

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What happens at 3 weeks post op rotator cuff surgery?

3 weeks to 6 weeks- Post-acute recovery Therapy should not be “painful”, but you will have some discomfort with getting the shoulder out of the sling and having it moved around more. You are still not allowed to actively lift your arm at this point.

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