FAQ: How To Care For Human Hair Loc Extensions?

How long do human hair LOC extensions last?

Maintaining loc extensions is very simple. The style can typically last 10-12 weeks. A touch up is highly recommended between 6-8 weeks.

How do you wash your hair with LOC extensions?

Washing. The toughest part of having loc extensions is the need to initially avoid shampooing. Although they can be washed, it helps to wait as long as possible before the first shampoo. There are many products for cleaning the scalp without submerging the hair.

Can you shower with LOC extensions?

You can shower and shampoo your hair whilst wearing locs. Just make sure to use a shampoo that is meant for dreads and skip conditioner. Use a normal amount of shampoo and work with your fingertips to create rich leather. Gently rub the scalp with your fingertips.

Can dreadlock extensions be permanent?

Extensions can last up to 2-3 years if cared for properly. Synthetic extensions can be removed completely from the natural locks when desired. Human hair extensions are a more “permanent” extension as they are crocheted securely into your natural dreadlocks.

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How often should you wash LOC extensions?

Some websites suggest that you should wash anywhere from every 3-4 days and others say once a month. Everyone finds what works for them, but we recommend that you wash once or twice a week. We recommend that all clients wash once to twice a week for the first 12 weeks – 3 months of having their dreadlocks.

Can you use synthetic hair for permanent LOC extensions?

Synthetic can so be used however: Pros: it’s cheaper than human hair, comes in a huge range of funky or natural shades, comes in very long lengths. Also you can have temporary synthetic dreads which can be installed as permanent dreads afterwards.

How do you soften human hair with dreadlock extensions?

Melt a quarter size amount in your palms to heat and melt the butter and rub through out the faux loc extensions to make them soft to the touch. We found that it really makes the loc extensions soft without creating any build up.

Do Loc extensions come out?

“ These locs never come out,” says Derick. They help to jump-start the loc grow process and aesthetic, and can be shampooed and touched up at the roots if needed, as if the hair was their own.

Why are my loc extensions frizzy?

This happens when too many cuticles become raised on a strand of hair and begin to flake off. When the cortex gets damaged your locs start becoming “frizzy.” The cortex holds the shape of your own hair. Once the cortex is damaged you will lose your straight hair and begin to see kinks.

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Do fake dreads ruin your hair?

We hear this question quite often: Are Synthetic Dreads harmful for my hair? The short answer for this is: no, dreadlocks are not harmful for your hair, provided that they have been installed the right way and providing that you have healthy hair!

Are dreads fake?

The hair from which both types of Dreadlocks are made differs. With Real Dreads you make the Dreadlocks from your own hair, you can also choose to extend Real Dreads. Synthetic Dreads, as the word actually says, uses Synthetic Hair. This is ” fake” hair and there is also a lot of choice.

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