FAQ: Who Created Abba Hair Care Products?

Is Abba good for hair?

Abba Moisture shampoo and conditioner is the best product ever! I have fine, thin, flat hair and these products work wonders leaving my hair soft, conditioned, and smelling like mint. I’ve received numerous compliments on how my hair looks and smells which is proof enough for me.

Who created pureology?

Made with plant derived botanicals to create products that truly perform, ABBA’s commitment to purity includes a large range of products that are 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, DEA Free, Free of Synthetic Color Additives, Paraben Free*, Phthalate Free, Sodium Chloride Free and Sulfate Free.

Who created Monday haircare?

MONDAY Haircare is the brainchild of New Zealand entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast Jaimee Lupton, who was inspired to create a range of luxury formulas at an affordable price point.

Is colorproof made by Pureology?

Then I found out the creator of pureology had launched “colorproof”. This line of products (colorproof) are very conparable to Pureology with a few changes like smell and some ingredients but works like the quality products I was used to when pureology originally was formed.

How long has pureology been around?

Created in California in 2001, Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for color-treated hair. Color care without compromise is the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. We created our customized, high performance formulas while caring for our planet and animals with beauty and integrity in mind.

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Who owns kerastase?

Kérastase – L’Oréal Group Professional Products Division.

Is Abba shampoo color safe?

Colored or chemically treated hair doesn’t have to mean damaged hair. With our sulfate-free and paraben-free Color Protection products, clients can enjoy the rich color their hair deserves.

Is Monday haircare clean?

All Monday products are paraben- and SLS-free, making them safe to use on color-treated hair. While I had a great experience with this formula, a few of the ingredients in the Smooth range don’t pass our Byrdie Clean Beauty Pledge.

Where is Monday haircare made?

WHAT IS MONDAY HAIRCARE? We’re a New Zealand -born haircare brand making luxury more inclusive. Our formulations are free from SLS and parabens, and we’re also proudly cruelty-free and vegan. We pride ourselves on our beloved pink bottles, which are also 100% recyclable.

How old is Jaimee?

A New Zealand native, 29-year-old Lupton spent several years working for Australia’s top luxury communications agency. When she returned home in 2019, she was inspired to work on something of her own.

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