Often asked: What Is Ouai Hair Care Wave Spray?

How do you use OUAI Beach Wave Spray?

Suggested Usage: – Shake it up. -Mist damp or dry hair from a distance of eight to 10 inches for easy, undone texture and enhanced natural waves. Or, just hit the roots for extra volume.

Can you use OUAI wave spray on straight hair?

For Straight Hair: Ouai Wave Spray, $26 Jen Atkin, hairstylist to the Kardashians, has created this beachy wave spray for a variety of hair types. It’s formulated with rice protein to add texture and hold, a must for straight hair.

What is a wave spray?

OUAI’s Wave Spray is a weightless texture mist for effortlessly chic, undone hair. Infused with rice protein to add hold and memory for that “just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly” look. Creates beachy waves without frizz. Enhances texture and builds body.

Is OUAI good for wavy hair?

OUAI Air Dry Foam is perfect for curly or wavy girls who want to air dry their hair but can’t because they have an uneven wave or curl pattern, or frizz. If your waves/curls are on the dry side, before using Air Dry Foam, apply OUAI Leave In Conditioner.

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Does Wave Spray work on straight hair?

Chic, beachy hair waves are incredibly trendy and can be a quick and easy way to switch up your look. That being said, if you have naturally straight hair, getting the look can be a bit more of a challenge — though definitely not impossible. Texturizing sprays can help turn your hair from straight to wavy in a snap.

What does OUAI wave spray smell like?

There’s no fragrance quite like it, a mixture of bergamot, Italian lemon, rose de mai, magnolia, lily, blackberry, violet, cedarwood, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, and white musk. Yes, it’s a hair product, but it’s also a scent that’s elevated enough for your entire body.

Does wave spray work?

Although it could work on straighter hair types to create texture and grit on otherwise slippery strands, I’ve found this definitely does work best to enhance naturally wavy and curly hair types. This helps to enhance the texture, dull the frizz and tame my naturally wavy, air-dried hair for a more refined style.

Is there a spray to make hair wavy?

Wave sprays are a quick and easy way to achieve textured beachy hair without having to head to the shore. Our top pick is Ouai Wave Spray because it gives you effortlessly tousled waves, uses rice protein instead of drying salt, and smells great too.

How do you use Wave Spray?

To catch waves while you catch zzz’s, spray Wave Spray evenly throughout your slightly damp hair. Then add a dab or two of OUAI Finishing Crème, a lightweight cream that restores moisture and adds subtle shine. Put your hair in braids, leave them in overnight, and wake up with subtle bends in the morning.

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Is living proof good for wavy hair?

Good for wavy hair It smells good, like the other living proof products. The shampoo doesn’t lather. It’s definitely nourishing without being super heavy, as long as you wash it out really thoroughly. The curl enhancing cream is great!

Does OUAI curl cream work?

I tried this product after a wash day. It is one of the only products I’ve tried recently that actually feels natural in my hair. It helps to define curls and rid frizz. It dries with a light cast, but just enough for my hair to clump not enough to leave a waxy/dry texture like other competing products.

How do you use foamy wavy hair?

Refresher Method

  1. Mist dry curls with a fine mist sprayer until they are saturated. They do not need to be soaking wet.
  2. Apply a generous amount of mousse in sections, raking through them as you go.
  3. Smooth together smaller curls to form larger curl clumps.
  4. Gently scrunch the curl clumps and allow them to air dry.

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