Question: How Is Rezad Hair Care Business Doing?

Is Reza be obsessed selling?

The Shahs stars also recently launched his own haircare line, Reza Be Obsessed, which is sold exclusively at Sally Beauty and is sure to put a little extra cash in those designer suit pockets. To date, Celebrity Net Worth puts Farahan at a whopping $7 million, which is obviously not too shabby at all.

Is Reza still selling hair products?

Reza Farahan has his own line of haircare products. But when he’s not promoting gold-infused shampoo and conditioner for Reza Be Obsessed, the Shahs of Sunset entrepreneur is still hustling in his longtime gig as a real estate agent. “The real estate business is still thriving.

How much is Reza hair care worth?

Reza Farahan — $7 Million.

Is Reza still in real estate?

He currently works at Keller Williams Realty in West Hollywood and his love for the business doesn’t end with listing properties. “I wanted to be in the homes business.

Is Wüsah successful?

Many of the cast members are also successful professionals. She’s also created her own line of hair extensions and used her love of all things cannabis-related to launch a line of medicinal THC and CBD products under her own brand, WüSah. She’s reportedly one of the top earners on the show, at $12 million.

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Did Reza and Adam get divorced?

During season 8 of the show, the couple is still together, despite the drama that ensued while filming the season. Fans of the Shahs of Sunset will be thrilled to know that despite the cheating rumours from season 8 and Reza contemplating getting divorced in season 7, the pair is still together.

Who has the most money on Shahs of Sunset?

Lilly Ghalichi – $50 million Who is the richest cast member on Shahs of Sunset? Lilly is the wealthiest, with a current net worth is approximately $50 million. She appeared on two seasons on Shahs Of Sunset. Lilly Shahs of Sunset net worth is from her career as a lawyer and fashion designer.

What does MJ’s Tommy do for a living?

This is how to still be chic whilst being a Mommy. In addition to being a Bravo star, Javid also works as a realtor. According to her LinkedIn page, Javid is a real estate agent at Keller Williams Real Estate. Javid has also spoken about her career during various seasons of “Shahs of Sunset.”

What is Reza be obsessed?

REZA Be Obsessed | Reza Be Obsessed. Fixative Fusion Technology synergistically combines MYSTIC 7 & Gold Infused Shield protecting the cuticle against frizz, thermal and mechanical damage. Our perfected formulations balance a blend of nature’s minerals, proteins, and oils; the ultimate indulgence for your hair.

Are the Shahs of Sunset rich?

Reza Farahan Has A Net Worth Of $7 Million As for the rest of the cast, numbers four, three, and two go to Shouhed, Javid, and Farahan, respectively. As the outlet explained, all three of the Shahs of Sunset cast members have worked in the real estate business with Keller Williams Realty.

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Is Reza and MJ friends?

Throughout Season 9 of Shahs of Sunset, viewers have watched as Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Reza Farahan try to work toward a better place in their longtime friendship following the emotional drama of Season 8 that caused tension between them. He also shared, again, his desire to not have son Shams meet Reza.

What does GG do for a living?

When she started on the show, GG was a self-proclaimed entrepreneur who was unemployed and financially dependent on her father. However, GG never really needed to work as she came from a wealthy family. Now, she is running her own business.

How old is Javid?

Destiney was born on August 17, 1982, in Iran. This means that Destiney is currently 38 years old, only a few months away from celebrating her 39th birthday.

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