Question: How To Care For American Girl Doll With Curly Hair?

How do you restore American Girl doll curls?

The first steps are the same as the above method: Spritz with water or braid spray, brush out any tangles in the curl while following the direction that the hair naturally curls, and use a toothbrush to smooth the ends. Then put the curler on and curl it in the direction of the curl.

Can you condition American Girl doll’s hair?

Conditioning your doll’s hair is optional, but it can help to make your doll’s hair less frizzy. You can use any kind of conditioner you want. You can try to use the brand that goes with the shampoo you used, or just go with a regular hydrating conditioner.

Can you brush American Girl doll hair curly?

Don’t use a brush on your doll’s curly hair, since it can make the hair frizzy. If you don’t use the American Girl Sparkly Hair Pick, be sure that your pick’s teeth are spaced out.

How do I keep my American Girl dolls hair nice?

For best styling results, lightly mist your doll’s hair with water as needed before you brush or pick it. Use just enough water to make the hair easier to work with. Be sure not to get water in her eyes—they may rust! Try the misting bottle and styling cape from the American Girl Hair Care Kit.

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Can you straighten or curl American Girl doll hair?

The wire Doll Hairbrush and Sparkly Hair Pick were designed to work best with American Girl dolls’ hair. Never use a blow dryer, a curling iron, hot rollers, or a straightening iron on your doll’s wig. The fibers are made of a special acrylic and any heat source can dry, stiffen, frizz, or even melt them.

Can you use fabric softener on American Girl hair?

Fabric softener may be the easy way out, but it is not recommended my the experts at American Girl. If all else fails and your doll’s hair is so badly damaged that there is no way around a complete replacement, then try mixing fabric softener with a spray bottle of water and brush through gently.

How do I fix frizzy hair?

Ahead, top hair experts share the best ways to smooth your strands and fix frizzy hair for good.

  1. Use the Right Shampoo—If Any at All.
  2. Tame Frizz With a Leave-In Conditioner.
  3. Detangle in the Shower.
  4. Skip the Cotton Hair Towel.
  5. Thoroughly Dry Your Hair When Blow Drying.
  6. Smooth the Cuticle With a Blow-Dryer.

How do I make my American Girl dolls hair soft?

American Girl dolls have nice quality wigs of blended mod-acrylic fibers. Since their hair is basically plastic, the best way to return it to it’s original shape and shine is to heat it up. The internet is filled with videos and posts telling you to do a Downy Dunk on your doll’s hair to make it soft again.

Can you brush an American Girl doll hair?

Use only a wire wig hairbrush (available at American Girl® stores, through the American Girl® catalogue or Web site) on your doll’s hair. Don’t use a comb or plastic-bristle brush. Lightly mist your doll’s hair with water each time you brush. Don’t get any water in her eyes—they may rust!

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How do you keep American Girl dolls hair shiny and smooth?

Even when the doll’s hair is braided or hid under a hat, the volume of the frizz is a huge distraction, and makes your doll seem cheapened and ruined. The official response from American Girl themselves is always something along the lines of, “ just spritz it with water and brush it some more until it’s smooth ”.

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