Readers ask: High Porosity Hair How To Take Care Of?

How often should high porosity hair be washed?

On WASH DAY ( Weekly or Bi-Weekly ) after washing your hair with a moisturizing and clarifying shampoo, DEEP CONDITION for 15-30 minutes with heat and rinse with cold water to help seal your cuticles thus sealing in your moisture. Style and Protect your style as needed.

How do you moisturize high porosity hair?

For high porosity hair, heavier products with natural oils are very helpful in retaining moisture. Our Seal It Up — Hydrating Sealing Butter — which includes heavy butters and oils like avocado and shea butter — is a great product to start with. Seal with the right butter or oil.

Can high porosity hair be fixed?

Hair porosity is typically determined by genetics; however, it’s possible to increase hair’s porosity level with damage. The goal of healing and managing high porosity hair is encouraging cuticles to lie flat by repairing them and sealing them so hair can stay strong and hydrated.

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What is good for high porosity hair?

5 Ways to treat high porosity hair

  • Protein treatments. Incorporating protein treatments in your regimen is important for high porosity hair to gain strength and not break as frequently.
  • Deep conditioning.
  • Sealing with butters or oils.
  • Using heavier products with natural oils.
  • Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera.

Is coconut oil good for high porosity hair?

Coconut oil is actually great for high porosity hair as it prevents water from flooding into the strands too quickly. Protein-free conditioners and spray on formulas are a good alternative to heavier leave-in creams and oils.

Should high porosity hair deep condition with heat?

Only use low heat or air dry. Frédéric Fekkai, founder and CEO of FEKKAI Brands, agrees: “For high porosity hair, you should use low heat, so therefore best to let hair air dry.”

Does high porosity hair need leave in conditioner?

When treating high porosity hair, it’s best to adopt the LCO method —liquid or leave-in conditioner, cream, oil, which refers to the sequence the products are to be applied. “Oils are the best way to lock in moisture into the hair.

Is apple cider vinegar good for high porosity hair?

High porosity: High porosity hair has very open hair cuticles, which means moisture can easily enter the hair shaft but it can also leave just as quickly. The low pH of apple cider vinegar can help seal cuticles, so it’s a great way to trap moisture without letting the hair strands dry too quickly.

Does high porosity hair dry quickly?

If you are a high porosity natural, then your hair dries quickly, sometimes too quickly, while you’re trying to style it. As opposed to methods for drying your hair, here are a few methods for keeping it moist during styling: Keep your spray bottle handy.

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How often do you moisturize high porosity hair?

High Porosity hair will typically deep condition with protein 1-2x a month and deep condition for moisture 1-2x a month. Damaged hair of any porosity tends to benefit from protein deep treatments 2-3x a month and moisture deep treatments 1-2x a month.

What are signs of high porosity hair?

You may have high porosity hair if your hair:

  • looks and feels dry.
  • tends to be frizzy.
  • tangles easily.
  • is prone to breakage.
  • air dries very quickly.
  • absorbs products quickly.
  • rarely looks shiny.

How can I add protein to my high porosity hair?

“High porosity hair has many gaps in the hair shaft because the cuticles are raised. Adding protein will reduce breakage, make your hair thicker and improve the elasticity of your hair.” We recommend frequently using a protein conditioner or a protein mask, like once a week or once every two weeks.

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