Readers ask: What Is Was And Go Hair Care?

Is wash and go good for your hair?

When it comes to withstanding the elements and resisting breakage, clumped curls via wash and go’s are especially beneficial. Clumped curls are stronger than separated strands, and are less prone to breakage and damage.

What exactly is a wash and go?

Achievable at home as well as in the salon, a wash and go (or wash ‘n go) is a method of cleaning and styling hair without the use of heat, protective styling or any other manipulation techniques.

How long does wash and go last?

Like any hairstyle, your wash and go can last for as long as you take care of it. The fresh, bouncy look you crave however, usually last for about 3-5 days. Although some Salon Brazyl clients will enjoy this look for up to two weeks.

Does Wash and Go damage hair?

Keeping your hair in a wash-and-go for too many days can actually be damaging for tighter, drier textures — without the right care, the strands can dry out and lock up, creating opportunities for breakage. Dickey says a wash-and-go can last on loose textures for three to five days before it starts frizzing excessively.

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Is it OK to do a wash and go everyday?

Whether you’re transitioning to natural hair or you’ve been riding the natural texture train for a while, a wash-n-go is gentle, versatile, and flexible (with a knack for saving you time), making it a great addition to just about any hair care routine. You can do them as often as you like— even twice a day!

How do you get a good wash and go?

Here are the steps to achieve the best ‘wash and go’ for you:

  1. Shampoo and Detangle. For all hair types, you’ll want to start with freshly washed hair.
  2. Layer Your Product on Soaking Wet Hair.
  3. Diffuse, Dry, or Band.
  4. Maintaining Your Wash and Go.
  5. Troubleshooting.

Why is my wash and go frizzy?

There are two main reasons why wash and go styles become frizzy: handling hair too much during the styling stage and not smoothing the cuticle properly before it dries. Also, learning how to brush curly hair will help you avoid lifting the cuticle and making hair frizzy.

Which is better twist out or wash and go?

Either technique can leave your natural curls looking great. A wash and go can be great for someone on the go. However, although it takes time, a great twist out can help create the illusion of defined curl if your curl pattern is not as defined.

Can you do a wash and go on 4c hair?

Achieving a wash and go on Type 4 hair can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is even more challenging if you are trying to use the same products and technique as someone who does not share your curl pattern. Anyone can do a wash and go, but not everyone can create natural curl definition.

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